Mariah Carey ft Cam'ron-Touch my body(desert storm remix)


Cam'ron verse

don’t let this industry come between us
word man
you know i love you, you know
we been through our ups
we been through our downs
but you mean everything to mean man
who i’m talking to?
my money
who else would i bet talking to?
killa killa kiluminati desert storm
yo mimi what up baby? what up girl?
you know what it is
i ain’t see you since the aspens

they wanna see i.d.?
i’m d.i.p.
take your p.y.t out of v.i.p.
you’ll be d.o.a.
that means d.i.e.
i do it B.I.G.
they’re peach Hi-C
in the bugatti
at the maserati
mami come to papi
wanna to touch your body
got me?
you are stupendous
got bad habits?
so does eva mendez
i could be your sensei
bout to get her six different rings
like mj
long as she don’t burn the kid
like ben-gay
beautiful bermuda girl
that’s where we spend days
ay! got a man? i’ll split ya
long as i ain’t gotta pay like spitzer
we could drink spritzers
pose for some pictures
and then i’ll whisper
your ear, feel my whiskers
you marianne i’m the skipper
yet thirst and howl on the islands
with figures
so ma you figure
i’m coming to pop
yo can i touch it or not
holla at me girl


from realtalkny