Artist: Juelz Santana
Album: Mic Check 12"
Song: Mic Check
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I've been payin' attention to what's goin on out there, man
Niggaz stealin my ways and shit
And it's gettin out of control now (Out of control)
I'ma tell you dudes just like I tell my women (listen)
Don't watch me, watch TV
This is Pay-Per-View, nigga, you gotta for this

[Verse One]
First, let me take time to brush my shoulders off (wait!) (*sweeping noise*)
I had to dust my shoulders off
Fact I been waitin impatient and anxious
Now I'm here for bring back Dip to greatness (yes!)
The rap Ali, jab I weave
Then come back with the same jab times three
I blow smoke to the heaven, I'm so dope it's a weapon
Rap's one big casino, I'm plottin Ocean Eleven (hey!)
I might sold the least, but I still managed to be most feared my most MCs
(good) Who dope as me? Who close to me?
For sure, papi, nobody, yeah, that's how it's s'pose to be
Now listen, you can either comprehend it or compliment it
It's all authentic (yep)
But you better believe whatever I say
No homo, you can bet your balls I make it (hey!)

Mic Check 1,2 1,2 (1,2)
Mic Check 1,2 1,2 (1,2)
Mic Check 1 what is this?
Santana's back to business, let's go

[Verse 2]
Bad news, rap dudes, I'm back fools
Get a corner, this is that jack move
Ha-choo, I just sneeze and the track moves
God blessed me, yes, that's true
So bright, throw lights up on me
For life, married the game, throw rice up on me (yes!)
So nice, throw ice up on me (yes!)
Two pieces for BIG and one piece for the key (yes!)
I am back like cook crack, yep
Even my connect asks me how I cook that up
I told him a brick of me is equivalent to 50 keys
Broken down, sold around the inner city streets (wow!)
If you catch me sexin a chick, it's a bisexual chick
Or something foreign I'll never forget
Yes I'm the shit, gentleman shit
How much? Lay it down, however much you bet I gotta come with


[Verse 3]
Shit homey, quick homey (quick)
Get a camera, get a flick (yes!), get a load of this, homey
The fifth's on me, say something the fifth's off me
Aimed, ready to bust, damn the fifth's horny
The album's gunnin which mean the album's comin
Last time around I fucked, this time around I'm frontin
I done styled and stunted, I done wild in public
I done paid my dues, did my hundred miles and runnin
Now I'm back (hey!) like raw cocaine
Put it in a pot with water and soda then thrown on flames
And look what came out was me (yes!)
Crack in flesh, as best
So hot, won't stop, don't knock me
Don't stop, don't watch, don't copy
Stones, rocks, rolls, blocks so cocky
Hos watch, hos jock "Go papi!"