JR Writer-80 in the clip

Uh, Ok
1,2, I'm back in the shooting range (*Gun Cock*)
A.R.! Writer! Harlem! Where we at man?
To all my killas and my fucking real niggas!
Uh (Dipset!) Yo (Dipset!) Yo (Dipset!) Uh

Check out my ratchet game, I clap and aim if he acting strange (Blaoh!)
Who can hold a picture up when I crack his frame (Huh?)
Better ask ya dame, when it come to packing 'caine (What?)
The kid move them bags around like he baggage claim
You can have the fame (Fame!), I'm tryin to peel the cheddar
These niggas amateurs, go and get ya skill together (Go Ahead!)
My next album, I'm looking for a mil or better (Why?)
Ya boys all about them bills like a bill collector (Chi Ching!)
Little niggas extra, ever feel a stretcher?
I'll get the scene shot faster than a film director (*Gun Shots*)
Better chill it heffer, I drop some butter shorty (Whats that?)
That's the paper, Staples ain't got nothing on me (Nothing!)
Them other brothers corny, they couldn't fuck wit doggy (No Way!)
Plus the rest of the comp. is barely under 40
Damnit im sick, cannon on click (Click!)
Ya niggas lie 'bout all this tan that yall flip (C'mon!)
My cousin nino, can get the (?) on bricks
White girl, so white she need a tan salon trip (Trip!)
Panama fix, when we handle raw flips (Flips!)
Big duffle bags on some Santa Claus shit (Uh Huh!)
I don't touch a nick, all the cameras on flick (Flick!)
But I remember days I use to hand 'em off piff
Don't get it chopped and screwed, I got off cubes
Hitting heads with the roc like a Hot Sauce move (And 1!)
So dude you can just think what you wanna (Uh Huh!)
You falling apart, he a mink in the summer (Summer!)
Drum roll when ya getting hit wit this thunder (B-Blaoh!)
My AR might of came equipped wit a drummer (Drummer!)
You's a fronter, feeling me nigga?
I killed it so many times, I'm a serial killer
Ask your sister (What?), if I'm swifter than Thriller
You wanna see it get ugly? Get you a mirror (*Laughs*)

You get the picture? Ya photos on crack (Crack!)
When you get the pictures, Photoshop that (Please!)
Notice yall whack, and I'm coca on wax (Wax!)
Cockheads wanna put the nose to my tracks
Doulja I'm back (Back!), loaded and strapped
Big guns, but I ain't trying to go to Iraq (So..)
Relax, you can never be me
See you when I see you, cause you could never see me (Writer! *echoes*)
Dipset baby (Uh huh!), big checks, pay me, I get that gravy (Chi Ching!)
It's Dyckmen, anytime I get ses lately, a couple bags looking like I just left Macy's (*Some Spanish word he used before!*)
You can hate me, what can I do, but keep getting money?
Funny I was just like you (*Laughs*), I done met a hundred niggas just like you
So I ain't worrying what ya bummy niggas just might do (Un uh!)
You can spit like who? Don't be lying to yaself
Ya boss a librarian, he got you on the shelf (Shelf!)
I fry it to it melt, lift the iron off the belt, take my belt off and whip it 'til it's crying out for help (What Else?)
Im styling prick, puffing on that sour piff (Piff!)
Who you mouthing with? You can give the cal a kiss (*Gun Shot*)
You and whoever you wit 'll get they flowers picked (Picked!)
'Cause you ain't got to be in it, I'll leave you out of it (It!)
I mean, out of it! (How?) Roll up on em, drag em out his whip, put the beats on em like I'm Alchemist (Whew!)
Whose as foul as this? Bring em out his ditch
I bet the house, I hit a nigga with a thousand clips
All about his bitch, and how the felon is a sour dip
I'll leave the niggas smelling like a sour chip (Or?) - Or a pile of shit
You was not alike (Nope), I do this for Tio doing 25 to life (Life)
Dom and Nino, waiting til they shine in light
Takad (?) I'm sorry, I ain't find the time to write (What?)
You know how life is like - Everybody trife
That's why a beat and a blunt, is how I fly the kite
I'm still grinding nights, cooler than Italian ice
Hot as Aruba, Coogie and some white on whites (Fresh!)
Why reply to hype? (Huh?) They don't apply to us (Nope)
Everyday is Christmas, nigga my socks is stuffed
But a couple knots a must (A Must!), get ya dollars up (Up!)
Imma do this 'til all my niggas out of cuffs
So keep ya wallets tucked (Tucked!), you know I'm fly as fuck
Rolls got these hoes *hose* on me like a fire truck (Truck!)
I keep a rocky cuff (Bling!), don't even try it smut (Or?)
I'll slap ya over some ice, you'll be a hockey puck (*Laughs*)
Ya whole lobby rushed (Rushed!) wit them shotties cut (*Gun Cock*)
No lipo, but I get the body tucked (Where?)
Somewhere upstate, have them niggas tied and ducted (Ducted!)
And put em in the trunk, nigga turn the volume up
Yall ain't wild enough, play and get the pick
How could I miss, if I'm holding 80 in the clip, muthafucker?!

submitted by D. Eagle