Album: Killa Season
Song: Wet Wipes
Typed by: jehup34

Dipset bitch!
Dipset bitch!
Dipset bitch!

[Cam'ron: Verse 1]
Them niggas pumpin dimes, trunk pump in mine
I really make cake, you could call me Dunken Hinez
Had a drunken mind, club wobbled out
Next stop, start trouble inside the Waffle House
Mm, clicked the nine, yup skipped the line
Looked at homeboy, yo ya bitch is mine
Had a little knife, tried to flick his shine
Had a big gat, click clack, get reclined
Don't ever complain, over no dumb dame
See you big money i'll turn em' to chump change
Let my muscle show, cause i'm like Russell Crow
Beautiful mind, took his bitch - hustle hoe
That was her boo, yesirr true
But I collect the chicken, call me Perdue
His ex wife, a new sex life
But ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it go get ya wet wipes

[Cam'ron: Hook]
Go get ya wet wipes, go get ya wet wipes
Go get ya wet wipes, go get ya wet wipes
I see yo head lights, they lookin dead nice
They got me saying d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-damn!

[Cam'ron: Verse 2]
They all comical, Killa killer phenomenal
Honor the honesty mami, illest villa I promise you
I come once a year, i'm like the carnival
They all talk about me, call em' Donahue
It's the don in you, nope! it's the chriss in me
The 06 Rickey D, lets glitter b
Ya si-silly, wrissery, don't mean shit to me
Get with me, physically, mentally - literally
My henchmen, they lynch men
They apply the appliances, the wrench men
Thats since 10, I been attendant
Plaintiff defendant, sentenced - independence
But it was said right, I was dead nice
And i'm dead wrong but you'll die dead right
This red ice, chicken wings, red rice
But baby girl, go get ya wet wipes

[Cam'ron: Hook]

[Cam'ron: Verse 3]
Yo ya'll niggas know the deal, pop the golden seal
Candy apple rain drop - so fa'real
No singer b, sling Heavy D
Ready rock, Killa cop, steady b
Stay steady please, say I bet he squeeze
I ain't on it tonight, I need head for sheeze
I don't care if you Japanese, Lebanese
Chinese, siamese, just be from the seven seas
I was wrapping a L, I got trapped in her smell
Perfume, bag, hat, all matching Chanel
Oh you a baller boo, how tall are you
5'6, 150, I need all of you
She had a candy chocha, como te llama? Rosa
Lets be a family, lemee hit - Sammy Sosa
I know you first class, i'm a jet flight
No take off, first.. get ya wet wipes

[Cam'ron: Hook]