Jim Jones-On my way to church

1. On My Way To Church (Dr. Ben Intro)
2. Capo Status – 1st Take
3. Only One Way Up (feat. Cam’ron & Juelz Santana)
4. This Is Jim Jones (feat. Cam’ron)
5. Let’s Ride (feat. J.R. Writer)
6. Certified Gangsta (feat. Cam’ron & Brezel)
7. Jamaican Joint (feat. Cam’ron & Juelz Santana)
8. End Of The Road (feat. T.I. & Bun. B)
9. Shotgun Fire
10. Capo Status – 2nd take
11. Lovely Daze/Memory Lane
12. Spanish Fly (feat. Chico DeBarge)
13. Livin’ Life As A Rider (feat. Denise Weeks)
14. Twin Towers (feat. Bizzie Bone)
15. When Thugs Die
16. This Is Gangsta (feat. Juelz Santana & Bezel)
17. Crunk Musik (feat. Juelz Santana & Cam’ron)
18. Bend N’ Stretch
19. Talking To The World
20. Capo Status – Final Take
21. On My Way To Church Outro (feat. Dr. Benjamin Chavis Muhamed)